"What we can do now"  Support the future of the disaster area

Our Activities

We are an activity group "astep" that provides support for disasters.


While neither the government nor local governments are reachable, we are providing support services mainly for children and elderly people at the disaster victim center that carries out disaster welfare activities.


Even now the evacuation life continues, many people are dying from coldness and illness every autumn and winter due to earthquake disasters and abnormal weather every year.


It is necessary to break through this situation as soon as possible.

Especially support for children and the elderly is important.


Already evacuation life will be over five years.


What to do now

 - Providing heating equipment

 - Providing heating fuel

 - Supply of household goods

 - Payment of medical expenses These are the priorities.


However, our activities do not have many sources of income.


With funds for relief by the government and municipalities, there is a tough reality to keep on activities.

Please give financial funding from everyone.


The funds obtained are transparent and will be quickly returned to the victims.



We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our activities.


astep Secretariat representation    Hideaki  Hayashi



Emergency request


A large-scale fire that occurred in Itoigawa-shi, Niigata Prefecture, the city disaster countermeasure headquarters announced on 23rd the occurrence of multiple spurs from the source of fire, spreading it extensively.


The fire was extinguished at 4:30 pm on the 23rd at about 30 hours after the fire, about 150 houses and shops in total burned.


We are recruiting funds to many refugees who say "everything is gone", "I can not see the future".

Guide of payee's bank transfer

Japan Net Bank


●Store number: 005  ●Account number: 1436419    

●Name of Payee Account Holder:  astep